Crab salad

How do we prepare products in accordance with
"Delicate simmering" technology?
Natural ingredients Choose only fresh and natural ingredients.
Pack Pack carefully and hermetically.
Product is being simmered The product is being simmered for several hours, as in Russian stove.
Cool Cool in a special camera without freezing.
"Delicate simmering" technology let make products with an extended expiry date without preservatives.
Crab salad
Crab salad
Crab salad
Weight, g
200 г
crab sticks (surimi, water, potato starch, oil, sugar, salt, egg white, crab food flavor, artificial colors: carmines, paprika oleoresins), eggs, mayonnaise ( refined oil, water, sugar, yolk, salt, vinegar, thickeners: xantham and guar gum, mustard oil, lemon juice, betacarotene ( provitamin A)), canned sugar corn, rice grits, onion, salt.
Nutritional content per 100 g
protein - 8 g, fat - 18 g, carbohydrate – 4 g
Energy per 100 g
210 kcal